Best trainer 

For one to be doing ladders in his bedroom, it has to be Chadders, give it to him he works hard 


Gotta take the crown for that sorry or Rawlins actually 


Either Coxy or Herbert the poor sods, coxy looks like he’s going fast but is going so slow 


Easy, that’s me or Ayo, I would not want any smoke with my man 

Most skilful 

Easily out of Rawlins or Ali Carter, gonna go Rawlins solely on putting Eamon in a washing machine in his first training session for us 

Most intelligent 

Bish easily, you don’t just win quizzes over lockdown just like that 

Team joker

Jack Zielinski has to be the team joker, solely cos of his bars he comes out with in the gc and Mitch and Tom smith are up there 

Always late 

Ozzy is the worse, tells me get to his for 7:15 and I’m chilling outside till 7:45 

Most likely to get sent off 

Coxy or Chadders 100%, these man don’t like hiding away from big tackles even in training these man wanna kill you with the tackles 

Arbon and Miller
White hart moreton