Best trainer 

Got to be Jake Chadwick or Mitch McCabe… battle of the skippers!


Aaron Blair over the first 5-10 yards, then I’m going to give it to myself over a longer distance!


Excluding gk’s… would be a tight race between Harry Herbert and Billy Reed


Paul Cox, he likes to think he is anyway!

Most skilful 

I’m gonna have to take the crown for this one, but other than myself I’d say Aaron!

Most intelligent

Not an easy question for our group, not many to choose from, I’ll say Jack Zielinski, he speaks 2 languages… none of them are English though!

Team joker

Has to be Mitch, never fails to make us all laugh! 

Always late

Hate to say it but it’s got to be Ozzy Nyahunda!

Most likely to get sent off

Jake or Paul! If you could get sent off in training, they would!

Arbon and Miller
White hart moreton