Best Trainer

Trevor is always onto everyone to make sure we’re doing things properly. Fred Orwell trains like every session is a cup final too!


I wouldn’t want to get into a race with Jay! Joe Stedman is pretty
rapid too.


I’d probably have to nominate myself, but that’s being nice to Filly and Charlie Q. I’d go for the keepers but that feels harsh, and only deflecting the attention from myself. 


Mike Riley is a tough northerner. The geezer was running along Blackpool beach front in the middle of December, probably in shorts and a t-shirt!

Most skilful

Frank Goodall or Alfie Hawkes, definitely need to keep your legs closed in training around those two. Ethan loves a step over, even if no ones around him. 

Most intelligent 

Football wise, Sam Elliott is always in the right place at the right time. Alfie Goodall reads the game well too. Freddie Fraser should be pretty smart, he’s still at school!

Team Joker

Jack Z is a joker because his so easy to give stick; he’s funny, but just because of his spelling and general stupid questions. 

Always late

Joe Heaney, always looks like his just rolled out of bed!

Most likely to get sent off 

Harry Farmer, he loves a big tackle and almost always claims to never have touched the player.

Arbon and Miller
White hart moreton