Best Trainer

I’d say that would be Filly. Team captain & is always working hard giving 100% for the team.


Well I’d put my myself up there as top 5. But quickest in the team probably Joe Stedman he’s got burners.


Slowest in the team I reckon Dion or Filly, you lads look like you’ve constantly got the handbrake up!! You two have to take this title sorry boys..


I’m gonna say Tom Smith he don’t back down on the pitch for anyone. Also Harry Farmer and Deli they love a deadly slide tackle.

Most skilful

I’m gonna say CR7 Ethan Aveiro… loves a nutmeg in games.

Most intelligent 

Freddie Fraser or Sam Elliot tbf both young bright footballers who have a lot of potential and understand the game very well.

Team Joker

Deli always brings the vibe to team.

Always late

Riyan Metsaha has to own this one… always late but fair play to him always produces on match days as well so guess we can let him off.

Most likely to get sent off 

Harry Holt… I just don’t think him and refs get on

Arbon and Miller
White hart moreton